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Juan Figueroa, Sheriff
James Mullen, Undersheriff

380 Boulevard, Kingston, NY 12401
845 340-3802

Juan Figueroa has always been moved by a sense of service to people in his community and country. The son of Puerto Rican parents who immigrated to New York, Sheriff Figueroa grew up in the Bronx before his family moved upstate. Figueroa joined the US Marine Corps out of high school and was stationed overseas where he learned the importance of racial diversity and respect, regardless of personal differences. After active duty with the Marines for four years, Figueroa served 18 years with the Marine Corps Reserve. In the early 1990s he was in charge of deploying over 150 Marines and support requirements during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Figueroa became a trooper with the New York State Police in 1988, patrolling roads in Ulster County. During his 25-year term with the State Police, he acted as a Police Academy Instructor and Field Training Officer, then as an Investigator with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Figueroa believes in upholding the law while working with the community and applying proactive and sensible approaches to pressing issues.

Juan Figueroa

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