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The Sheriffs’ Summer Camp is one of the Institute’s Most Important Activities

Located on beautiful Keuka Lake in Yates County, the New York State Sheriffs’ Summer Camp is for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 12 who because of economic reasons would not have an opportunity to attend a summer camp. Each County Sheriff is given a predetermined number of camper slots. Sheriff’s Offices use a variety of methods to identify deserving children to attend.

The Sheriffs’ Summer Camp includes innovative programming that helps to build our campers’ competence and confidence, while they make new friends and become more aware of their natural and social environments. All children are encouraged, and provided, the opportunity to try new things, such as fishing or sailing, and they thrive in many important ways in this supportive environment.

Campers develop lasting memories, work well in groups, and work toward achieving goals. At week’s end, children are more prepared to take on the challenges they may face in the future.

Originally established as the YMCA Camp, “Camp Iroquois,” nearly 100 years ago, New York State Sheriffs have been proud to offer such a fantastic camp experience for disadvantaged youth from all over New York State since 1986. Through the amazing generosity of donors to the New York State Sheriffs’ Institute, youth are provided with athletic, musical, aquatic, recreational, and creative pursuits throughout their weekly camp session.  It’s a place where energy, enthusiasm, caring, and dedication create an atmosphere where campers feel included, supported and nurtured.

The 2024 Sheriffs’ Summer Camp opens in June.

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The Sheriffs’ Summer Camp Experience

Helping Young People Find the Right Path


In the case of a family emergency ONLY, you may contact the Camp Iroquois Nurse at (315) 536-2754, who will pass an urgent message along to your child. Please do not call in any other situation, as our 35 years of experience have taught us that phone calls from home impede our campers’ abilities to grow, learn and make friends.

Sheriffs’ Summer Camp
9825 East Bluff Drive
Penn Yan, NY 14527