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The Sheriffs’ Institute Civil Schools

The New York State Sheriffs’ Institute provides the only statewide training programs for Sheriffs’ civil personnel in the State of New York.

Our schools include a two-week training program for entry level deputy sheriffs and civilian personnel working in Sheriffs’ civil divisions; a one-week training for supervisory personnel in those divisions, one-day “refresher” courses, and one-day training programs for Sheriffs and Undersheriffs.

Topics include:
  • Introduction to civil process
  • Service of process
  • Service and enforcement of income and property executions
  • Service and enforcement of eviction warrants
  • Service and enforcement of arrest warrants
  • Service of Family Court process
  • Sales of personal and real property to satisfy judgments
  • Service and enforcement of provisional remedies including orders of attachment and orders of seizure
  • Calculation of Sheriffs’ fees
  • Accounting and bookkeeping practices for Sheriffs’ civil office personnel
  • Legal liability for improper collection or remission of fees collected by the Sheriff’s Office
  • Supervisory control of civil division matters
  • Development of supervisory policies and procedures for all civil division matters needed by civil division chiefs
  • Development and review of supervisory materials needed by Undersheriffs and Sheriff

Since 1977, we have trained over 1,500 Sheriffs, Undersheriffs, deputies and civilian personnel in these civil school programs