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Our Team

The Sheriffs’ Institute Team

Christopher G. O’Brien

Executive Director

Chris has been with the NYS Sheriffs’ Institute since it was established in 1979. As Executive Director, Chris oversees the many activities of the Institute, including the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp, the Criminal Justice Scholarship Program, the Victim Notification Programs, and the Honorary Membership Program that helps to support our work. While he is responsible for our many programs, for Chris it truly is all about the kids.

Tim Doughty

Camp Director

Tim Doughty has taken over the as Director of the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp Program.  Tim has worked under recently retired Camp Director Dave Sherman for the 37 years and is more than prepared for these challenging new responsibilities.  Much of the outstanding support staff remains in place ensuring strong continuity throughout the transition and the 2023 camp season.

Jaymes W. Hurley

Director of Victim Notification Services

Jaymes joined the New York State Sheriffs’ Institute as the Director of Victim Notification Services in 2020. In this capacity, he works alongside law enforcement, victim advocacy groups, and the court system while overseeing the management and application of the Institute’s victim services. These include both the VINE program, as well as the Sheriffs’ Institute’s Order of Protection Notification Program. He started his career working at the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office in Syracuse, NY. During his 15 years in law enforcement, he was assigned to a number of positions, including assignments in both the Custody (Corrections) and Civil Departments. He departed the Sheriff’s Office in 2020 as a Lieutenant assigned as the Commander of the Civil Division. Outside of his work with the Sheriffs’ Institute, Jaymes serves as an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He has held many assignments and has been deployed/recalled in support of different operations, including Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn.

Carrie Kronick

Finance Operations Manager

Carrie has been with the NYS Sheriffs’ Institute since 2007. Initially hired as a Bookkeeper, Carrie’s role has expanded into all aspects of our work. In addition to her role managing the day-to-day financial operations, Carrie manages the Honorary Membership Program, is responsible for budget reporting for our grants, and supports the victim notification and summer camp programs.

Daniel M. Foro

Senior Advisor

Dan has served as Senior Advisor to the Sheriffs’ Institute since 2012. He retired as Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) in 2009 with 25 years of service. Prior to DCJS Dan served as a Probation Supervisor in Albany County for eight years.