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The Sheriffs’ Institute Education & Training

Did you know that the New York State Sheriffs’ Institute provides the only statewide training programs for Sheriffs’ civil personnel in the State of New York? And, that’s just one small part of the Institute’s training schools, programs and conferences.

The Sheriffs’ Institute also co-sponsors with the New York State Sheriffs’ Association a series of annual training conferences that focus on the principal responsibilities of Sheriff’s Offices in New York State. In addition, we co-sponsor a conference for Undersheriffs.

Undersheriffs handle the administrative responsibilities of each Sheriff’s office. Our conferences provide training in such areas as labor management, employee discipline, and management of employee benefits such disability payments, family, health and military leave.

Our Sheriffs’ Road Patrol training conferences typically provide instruction from the State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the State Civil Service Department, and the Homeland Security Department.

We also hold an annual conference for crime victim advocates, social workers, court system workers and law enforcement involved in supporting crime victims with speakers, technology partners and education around The NYS Sheriffs’ Institute Crime Victim Notification systems.