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The Sheriffs’ Institute Scholarship Program

The NYS Sheriffs’ Institute Scholarship Program for Criminal Justice Majors provides a $500 scholarship to one student majoring in Criminal Justice, Police Science or a similar program from each community college in New York State, and SUNY Canton, each year. The Scholarship Program was established to help young people across New York pursue an education in criminal justice.

The selection process takes place in the fall term each year. Nomination forms are distributed to the Criminal Justice Departments of New York’s community colleges each September. A member of the Criminal Justice Faculty nominates students to receive the scholarship. Awards are announced in early November.

The nomination process and policies are outlined below. This program is limited to students attending New York’s Community Colleges, and SUNY Canton, who are majoring in Criminal Justice, Police Science, or a similar program.

Scholarship Program Policies

Eligibility. The recipient of this award must:

  • be a full-time student at the school in which the award is granted,
  • be a criminal justice or police science major, or the equivalent thereof, with an expressed intent to pursue a career in criminal justice,
  • be academically outstanding,
  • be in a financial position such that the award will be helpful in his or her educational endeavor, and
  • may not be related to an employee of Sheriff’s Office in New York State.

Qualifications and Conditions

  • There are no restrictions on the purposes for which the scholarship may be spent. Nor is it considered a loan in any form.
  • No Sheriffs’ Institute Criminal Justice Scholarship shall be given to any Sheriff, Undersheriff, nor to any member of their immediate families.

Recent Recipients