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Craig Apple Sr, Sheriff
Michael Monteleone, Undersheriff
William Rice, Undersheriff

Court House, Albany, NY 12207
518 487-5440

Sheriff Craig Apple formerly served as Undersheriff, and became Sheriff in 2011 upon the retirement of Sheriff James Campbell.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a variety of programs in Public Safety. The Boarder Revenue Program has generated over 70 million dollars since 1990. The Correctional Facility received full accreditation in 1997, and the Law Enforcement Division was accredited in 2003.

The Sheriff’s Office has established a countywide Drug Unit, K-9 Unit, SCUBA Team, Search and Rescue Team and a Paramedic Life Support Program. They have implemented a countywide program, “Project Access,” involving handicapped parking education and enforcement. Last year, the Sheriff’s Office implemented a countywide Emergency Service Interoperability Radio System (ESIRS). This radio system will give police, fire, EMS, and emergency services coordinators the ability to communicate with each other directly using a two-way radio. Funded by a Homeland Security grant, it will provide a command and control frequency for the coordination of multiple agency responses.

Albany County has a population of 290,000 and an area of 544 square miles.

Craig Apple Sr

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