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Donald Krapf, Sheriff
Jacqueline Salvatore, Undersheriff

85 Industrial Tract, Hudson, NY 12534
518 828-0601

Sheriff Donald J. Krapf became Sheriff of Columbia County on January 1, 2022. A life long resident of Columbia County he was appointed a deputy sheriff in 1998 by Sheriff James Bertram. During the following 24 years Sheriff Krapf held the positions of Sergeant, Station Commander, Senior Sergeant and First Sergeant in charge of the Security Services Division.

In addition, he served as Commander of the SWAT/Shared Services Response team. He also for filled assignments to the Columbia County Drug Task Force, Marine patrol and the Evidence collection/Accident reconstruction team.

Sheriff Krapfr has always been active in the community. He enjoys a strong reputation as go to person assiting with fund raising efforts and other public interest projects.

Columbia County has a population of 59,487 and an area of 643 miles.

Donald Krapf

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