Sheriff's Summer Camp

The Sheriffs’ Summer Camp is one of the Institute’s most important activities. Enjoy great stories and pictures about the kids' experiences and their interaction with Sheriff’s Deputies from all over New York State. You can find out more about the many different camp programs by reading more about the Sheriffs' Summer Camp....

Sheriffs’ Institute Education & Training

The Institute's primary mission is the education and training of deputy sheriffs and jail administrators. Here, you can read about about our many diverse educational programs including schools and conferences for jail administrators, the sheriffs' road patrols and civil matters.

Helping Crime Victims

Many victims live in fear that the criminal offender who victimized them may someday return to do so again. For these victims and their families and friends, it is important to know if that offender is incarcerated in a correctional facility - and to know if and when that offender is released from...

Sheriffs' Scholarships

For over 24 years, the Sheriffs' Institute has provided scholarships for students pursuing criminal justice degrees at our state's community colleges. Learn more about this important program and the students who have received these scholarships.