Barry Virts, Sheriff - Wayne County

  Richard House, Undersheriff
7368 Route 31, Lyons New York 14489
315 946-9711
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Education/Training: Sheriff Virts received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Excelsior College in 2007, and an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Erie Community College in 1994. He has completed specialized training on Hostage/Crisis Negotiations, Crash Management Analysis, Polygraph Examiner, Jail Administrator Leadership, Criminal Investigations, Police Supervision and several other leadership trainings. 


Career: Sheriff Barry Virts was elected Sheriff of Wayne County in 2009. He began his career as a Correction Officer with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office in 1977, was reassigned to Deputy Sheriff and promoted to Sergeant/Patrol Supervisor, Sergeant/Criminal Investigator, Lieutenant of Criminal Investigations, and prior to his successful bid for Sheriff, was the Chief Deputy and Administrative Officer of the Wayne County Jail.  


Honors and Achievements: Sheriff Virts has received local honors and served on over thirteen Community & Advisory Boards including the WC Criminal Justice Council, WC Jail Advisory, Victim Resource Center, WC Diversity Task Force, WC Pre-Trial Youth and Adult Diversion, Council on Alcoholism & Other Addictions, WC Fire Chief’s Association, WC Housing Consortium, and more.


County Seat: Lyons, NY
Population: 93,772
Area: 621 square miles