The New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute is currently conducting an Honorary Membership Drive for new members.  That effort is being done through a direct mail campaign. The Sheriffs strongly believe that law enforcement organizations should not use tele marketing to raise money.  They believe that a letter sent to potential members is an opportunity to explain whY they area raising money. This way if the letter's reader is interested in supporting the Sheriffs’ programs  - in particular the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp - that decision can be made without any pressure.  There is no follow up to these letters of invitation.

Some years during our annual membership drives illicit telemarketers have attempted to “piggy back” on our campaign and make phone calls asking for support for the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp.  If you receive such a call please contact your Sheriff’s Office or call the Sheriffs’ Institute’s Executive Director Chris O’Brien at 518-434-9091 or e-mail him