The Sheriffs’ Summer Camp, dormant during this unusually long and persistent winter, is coming to life. The first camper’s bus arrives Sunday, June 29th.

Applications are pouring in and being processed at the Camp Office in Elmira. Many counties have already established waiting list. It should be noted that any child on a 2014 waiting list, who doesn’t get go to camp, is given a slot in the 2015 camp, if they still meet the criteria.

We are hoping to break ground on a news nurse’s cabin shortly so it will be ready for this year’s camp season. If the weather is not cooperative the project will begin early this fall.

Camp Director Dave Sherman is putting the finishing touches on this summer’s staff. The participation of deputy sheriffs from through out the state is being finalized. Work crews are already helping the camp property and facilities transition from winter to summer.

This will be the 37th year the Sheriffs’ Camp has been providing a positive summer camp experience for economically challenged boys and girls. Supported by our honorary member’s generosity the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp Program will continue to be “all about the kids”.