The Sheriffs’ Summer Camp is in its third week of operation. It’s been a very hot and dry summer so far. At the Sheriffs’ Camp this is known as ideal weather. Keuka Lake provides both relief from the heat as well as a venue that generates “learning” fun.


“The lake is the catalysis that drives the camp’s curriculum,” Camp Director Dave Sherman explained. “We emphasis showing campers the tools that will make them successful.  We get them to establish goals and show them how to find away to reach that goal. The lake does that for us.”


What Dave Sherman is referring is that campers establish goals when they arrive like learning to swim, learning to paddle, learning to fish, learning to sail, learning snorkel. All activities that the lake provides and the campers are given a chance to succeed.


“The water skills we teach the kids at the Sheriffs’ Camp are being taught to kids who for the most part do not have access to bodies of waters like Keuka Lake, explained Sheriff Ron Spike, host Sheriff and Chairman of the Board of the Sheriffs’ Camp. “The camper who’s never been on a boat learns to sail a small boat. It’s hard work to learn but they are getting a positive and life long lesson in accomplishment.”


“Thank you for a great week of camp,” first week camper Dave wrote. “My favorite thing at camp was when I swam.” Dave couldn’t swim when he arrived.


We will keep updated on the camp will be changing the slide show shortly. Honorary members thank for your support!!!!!!!!!