Below  is  a sampling of some thoughts from both the campers and their moms about their thoughts about  the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp. Please note that edits have been made to insure readable content. In no way has the message or the messages intent been altered.


Dear Sheriffs’ Association (that should read Honorary Members) thank you for paying for my trip and paying for it all. I loved it there. Deputy Steve you are doing better at basketball than when you got to camp.  Eric you are still my kayak buddy.


                                                            Camper JT


Thank you so much for my son’s first ever experience at sleep away camp. He loved it so much! He actually did not want to come home. My son was abandoned by his father three years ago and was recently diagnosed with Dyslexia. He always felt out of place. He did not feel that way at camp. His week at camp made his summer


                                                            Mother of Camper JF


Thank you so very much for a wonderful camp experience for my daughter. I truly appreciate all the staff member’s efforts. She came back with tons of stories on all the fun she had. Again thank you. 

                                                            Single mother of camper


Thank you so much for allowing my son to attend your camp.  It was the best experience for him and he hasn’t stopped talking about all the things he did and learned. This would not have been possible for us otherwise. Thank you for the best week of his summer.


                                                            Mother of Camper EK



Thanks for putting food on the tables and letting us have fun and letting us have beds instead of the ground.

                                                            Camper JM


I would like to thank you for providing me with the chance to go to Sheriffs’ Camp. I had the greatest time!


                                                            Camper CD


Than you for inviting me to your camp. The camp was great. I was a little homesick but later I got over it.


                                                            Camper DC