Now you can search for Inmates in New York State and throughout the country. You can find an inmate incarcerated in the New York State Correctional system or the Federal Bureau of Prisons by visiting the web sites listed below and entering the necessary identifying information.  You can also search for offenders, incarcerated in prisions thrpughout the United States. Then, register to be notified if their custody status changes at

New York State Correctional System

In the State of New York there are three ways of looking up an inmate by name.

1. Exact last name with year of birth.

If you know about how old the inmate is or his or her year of birth, this can narrow the search. Be aware though, that using the year of birth is based on an exact match with the inmate's last name. In other words, you must know the exact spelling of the inmate's last name. The inmate name list returned to you will include only those inmates whose last name is spelled exactly the way it was entered in the last name search field and who were born during or later than the birth year entered; i.e., only inmates of a certain age or younger.

2. Partial/full last name

In contrast, when the year of birth is not used, you may enter only that part of the inmate's last name that you know (or believe you know) for certain. The name lists that are returned will include inmates whose last names begin with the full or partial last name submitted by you. At this time, there is no "Soundex" capability and there are no plans to provide one. Instead, you should try variations of spellings you may be aware of for the name you are seeking.

For both types of name lookup, the first and middle names are only used for initial positioning of the name list. In other words, the first and middle names are only used to skip to that point in the list for the very first lookup. Thereafter, all inmates with matching partial/full last names are returned in the list no matter what the first and middle name might be.

Experimentation with entering information in some or all of the search fields and varying the amount of information placed in the the search fields (i.e., partial names) will often lead to better results.

3. Use the DIN (Department Identification Number)

You may obtain an inmate's DIN in several ways. If you are a friend or family of the inmate, you may already know the inmate's DIN or can ask him or her for it. You can also use the name search capability to find a DIN. Thereafter, should you wish to look up the same inmate again, using the DIN number is a more direct and effective way to retrieve information about the inmate. If you have difficulty identifying the inmate's DIN by using the name lookup, you may call 518-457-5000 for assistance (due to the large volume of requests, callers may experience slight delays).

For more information and to look up an inamte incarcerated in the New York State Corrections System visit the web page below.


New York State County Jails

Some New York State county jails are beginning to offer online inmate look up and status information. As these services become available, links to this valuable information will be added here. To obtain information on an inmate in a county jail, just click on the appropriate county.

Monroe County

Onondaga County



prison cell 

United States Bureau of Prisons

If you are searching by name, the inmate's first and last name are required and must be an exact match (i.e. John Doe will not find Jon Doe).

If you are searching for an inmate the ID Number will return a better match. It is recommended you use this method to locate an inmate, whenever possible. You can usually find an inmate’s ID Number (Register Number) on any type of record or written correspondence.

For more information and to look up an inamte incarcerated in the Federal System visit the web page below.