The Sheriffs’ Association Institute’s Scholarship Program for Criminal Justice Majors is alive and well.  We have simply moved the selection and presentation process from the spring term to the fall term. 

This decesion was influenced by two factors. First many of the students we canvassed in an effort to evaluate the program felt that the scholarship would better serve their needs if it was given during the fall semester.  Secondly several of the community college officials that administrator the selection process felt that if the scholarship was awarded during the fall semester it would be in the hands of the student at a point of greater need.

Personally I agree. We have run into several situations where the presentation of the scholarship was never made because of all the activities that accompany the end of the school year. Though we were able to mail the winners their scholarship award, we’d much prefer to a have formal presentation of the scholarship.

So in early September of this year you will be receiving all the information necessary to select a winner of the Sheriffs’ Scholarship Award.  After the process is complete a presentation will be scheduled. We would like to have all the presentations completed before the Thanksgiving recess.

If you have any questions, or I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me.    Christopher O’Brien, Executive Director