The Sheriffs said thank you to Northern Lights Marine Systems of Franfort, New York for their generous donation of a state of the art dock for the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp.

Sheriff Chris Farber of Herkimer County presented the ownership of Northern Lights Marine System with a plaque expressing the Sheriffs’ Association Institute’s Board of Directors thanks and officially declaring the company a Friend of the Sheriffs’ Camp.

“Our program requires top of the line docking equipment,” stated Christopher O’Brien, Executive Director of the Sheriffs’ Institute. “The docking system at the camp is the protection between the campers and the water. We have over 900 kids that will use these docks during the summer. We have to know that the docking system will work and will be safe. Within the marine docking industry, the products produced by Northern Lights are the ‘Cadillac’ of the industry.”

“North Lights is not only a very successful Herkimer County business, it’s a business that cares about the community,” said Sheriff Farber. “They took a detailed look at what the Sheriffs’ Camp was about and were excited that they could help and be a part of that effort to help our state’s richest asset our kids.”

Pictured above:  Sheriff Christopher Farber, Herkimer County, (second from right) and Jeff Judge, a Principal in Northern Lights Marine Systems proudly display the plaque that was given in recognition of the company’s generous donation to the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp Program.  Looking on from left to right are: Dave Christensen, Operations Manager, Mike Cominski, Principal and Christopher O’Brien, Executive Director, The New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute.