Are my donations Tax Deductible?
Yes. The New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a “501(c)3” charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible.
How are children selected to attend the Sheriffs’ Institute Summer Camp?
Economically challenged girls and boys residing in New York State, between the ages of 9 and 12, are eligible to attend camp. The individual Sheriffs’ Offices, who typically reach out into the community to identify children who fit this criteria, choose the campers that they feel will be most benefited by attending the Sheriffs’ Camp. The children of employees of Sheriffs’ Offices are not eligible to participate.
How are the criminal justice scholarships awarded?
A $500 scholarship is rewarded to every community college in New York State that sponsors a criminal justice program. The Chair of that department is charged with picking the student who best fits the awards criteria. The Sheriffs themselves play no role in choosing the scholarship winners.
Where is the Sheriffs’ Institute located?
The main office and training facility is located at 27 Elk Street in Albany, New York. The Sheriffs’ Summer Camp is located just south of Penn Yan, New York (Yates County), at 990 East Bluff Drive.
How is the NYS Sheriffs’ Association Institute organized?
The Sheriffs’ Institute is a corporation made up of the 58 Sheriffs of New York State. Those 58 Sheriffs annually elect an 11 member Board of Directors, a Treasurer and a Secretary. This Board is charged with the responsibility of running the Sheriffs’ Institute and its sponsored programs.
Does the New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute ever solicit money using the telephone?
NO! – Never. The Sheriffs’ Institute has never and never will use tele-marketing as a method of raising funds. If you receive a call from the New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute asking for a donation it is a fraudulent call. We strongly suggest you hang up, and if you desire, contact your local Sheriff and notify him of the phone call.
Can anyone access information available in the VINE program?
Yes. This program allows anyone to determine if a person –either charged with a crime or already convicted of a crime- is still incarcerated in a jail or prison. While the program was designed to aid victims of a crime to determine if their offender is released from a jail or prison, anyone can use the VINE program; in fact, many police and other law enforcement agencies use it to find persons wanted on warrants and persons whom they need to locate.
What training programs does the Sheriffs’ Institute provide?

The New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute provides training for Sheriffs, deputies and civilian staff who work in our Sheriffs’ civil divisions, which are responsible for the service and enforcement of civil process from local, county and state courts. The Institute is the only organization which provides this training, and annually provides instruction for up to 100 deputies and civilian staff from our county Sheriff Offices. This civil training is offered at no cost to counties, except for meals and housing expenses.

The Institute also co-hosts training conferences for Undersheriffs, Civil Division Supervisors, Law Enforcement Supervisors and Jail Administrators each year. These training conferences are the only opportunity for the supervisory staff of our Sheriffs’ Offices to meet to discuss new ideas and programs, and to talk to their colleagues from around the State. Annually, over 200 supervisors attend these programs, all at no cost to the counties except for meals and lodging.