Governor Paterson has proclaimed October 18-24 as Sheriffs' Week in New York, recognizing both the Sheriffs’ long history and  the Sheriffs’ current contributions to the modern criminal justice system.  Governor Paterson  proclaims that in so doing he is  “…highlighting the role of county sheriffs and recognizing the excellence of these public officers in serving our citizenry as a unique and vital part of municipal government…”.

Many County Boards or County Legislatures will issue similar proclamations.  As the governor noted, the Office of Sheriff is unique and its duties go far beyond the traditional role of “Keeper of the Peace,” extending into many facets of public service, and include maintaining county jails, providing security in courts, dispatching emergency services, and serving and executing the civil process for our court system.


The Sheriff's Office is a Constitutionally-sanctioned entity directly responsible to the public.  The Office of Sheriff fulfills a distinct role within the community and remains responsive and accountable to the public it serves.