Broome County Sheriff Dave Harder was on his way to work last week, and saw ahead of him a vehicle drive off a main highway and travel down a steep ditch. He immediately called for help, and being the only person on the scene, went down to the vehicle. He found a woman and her three children still in the car, all injured. He crawled into the car and was able to get the children out, but also saw small fires ignite and knew he needed help. He was able to get help from a passing motorist, who used the Sheriff's fire extinguisher to keep putting out the fire while the Sheriff and, eventually, other emergency responders were able to get all the injured parties out of the vehicle. Even the woman's dog, "Scrappy" was saved by the Sheriff's quick actions. The driver was held in her seat by her seatbelt and Sheriff Harder was covered in blood as he worked inside the vehicle to free her. She could not be extricated until the car door was removed, and the Sheriff stayed with the woman until all were safe and on their way to the hospital for treatment.


All in a day's work for the Sheriff, who went home to change into clean clothing, and then traveled to Albany for a scheduled meeting on how his office could best provide law enforcement services to all residents of Broome County.


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