Chief Deputy Thomas Beatty, a 36 year veteran of the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office has been named the winner of 2014 Carl Draxler Award.  Niagara County Sheriff  James Voutour nominated him for the statewide recognition.

         When appointed a Niagara County Deputy Sheriff in May of1978, Chief Beatty embarked upon an in exorable professional journey that has brought him personal acclaim and admiration. More importantly, the condition of law enforcement in Niagara County has been appreciably enhanced because of his professional capabilities and personal qualities. An often heard refrain around the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office is, “ask Chief Beatty, he’ll know.”

Under the command of four different Sheriffs over the course of 36 years with the Sheriff’s Office, Chief Beatty has becomes a vast reservoir of knowledge and wisdom whose insights are continually sought by his colleagues in the law enforcement community and by government decision makers.   

Frequently deployed as the liaison to the Niagara County Legislature, he has cultivated respectful and cordial relations with elected officials. He successfully lobbied the Legislature for the addition of a welfare fraud investigator to continue to fight welfare fraud in Niagara County. This has yielded savings of several hundred thousand dollars of lacol Taxpayers’ money.

         The award, named after former Chemung County Sheriff Carl Draxler who died in 1982, is presented annually by the New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute to the deputy sheriff  “whose career achievements and consistent conscientious devotion to duty best exemplify the spirit of selfless public service by which Sheriff Carl Draxler lived.”

Photo Caption - Chief  Thomas Beatty, center, proudly displays the Carl Draxler Award. Lookng on from left to right are: Sheriff Gary Maha, Chairman of the Executive Committee, NYSSA; Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn, President, NYSSA, Sheriff James Voutour, who nominated Chief Beatty for the Award, Beatty, Sheriff Ron Spike Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sheriffs' Institute.